Christmas Eve


What a wonderful time I had at Unity.


SpiritualU is born!

Sunset at Seaside in Galveston, TX

Welcome to our new website, SpiritualU.  Today, we give birth to not only a website, but to a movement. This movement is about U, Spiritualy evolving and growing.

We, as a nation, have been at a crossroad. Recent times have brought us high energy costs, with our auto fuel, home heating and electric, and we have seen prices for normal things we buy increase due to transportation prices. We have seen a fall-out of the U.S. economy as many people have been laid off from work as plants and business across America have shut down. Even though we saw energy costs go down, the fall-out has taken a big hit for many of us and for those who are fortunate in having work, are feeling the pressure from local and state governments that are collapsing due to hard choices that were not made several years ago.

There have been some companies and many people who have been preparing and have made hard choices the last several years. Some by choice, others by a simple requirement to survive. If you want a role model to understand the importance of being prepared, look no further than the Ford Motor Company. They had to make huge shifts in their organization to move this huge enterprise in the direction it needed to go to not only sustain the hard times, but also to realize the potential once those hard times for that industry was coming to an end. They had to work with the unions, suppliers, investors, competitors, and customers in order to realign themselves. This is something that we, as individuals must do in the coming years so that we, as individuals and families can have our own personal growth and stability, no matter what is taking place.

Your being, the person that you are, is the core you that has to endure no matter what. Whether you are facing family or financial struggles, you need to find and maintain the strength and carry those values through. Life is about progress through change and personal development. We at SpiritualU can help you on the path in life to move forward in ways you would never think possible before!

SpiritualU has the tools to help you. Please, take the time to visit this site and make it a part of your personal journey and let’s build a future together. As we grow, the world grows with us. Now is the time for us to have the strength to endure anything that comes our way. Let’s get you back on track with your life and have miracles work once again in your life. Are you ready to make a big difference in your life and those around you? Are you willing to be able to focos on your personal growth and actually see progress? Though we don’t expect you to use all the tools or aspects of this site, there are enough tools here that will be exactly what you need to get you where you need for the future. Are you ready?